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Original Handprinted Linocut Art 


Hello! Thankyou for popping by. This is The Coventina Press, one northern lass with a passion for linocut and mythology.

I first started carving lino in 2020 and it quickly became my passion. I'm a creative and making things as always been a part of my life, but this new art form I had discovered became much more than just a hobby.  In 2022 I decided to make the jump to sell my art. It's quite the journey, and I'm thoroughly enjoying learning all the new things that come along with starting a business. 

My body of work evolves around mythology, ancient religions and especially Goddesses from all over the world. Coventina, my business' namesake is a local water goddess from the Hadrian's Wall and I felt an instant connection with this deity and she inspires my work on the daily. 

All my designs are my own, often created digitally as I prefer to sketch out on a tablet, I then transfer the design to lino and carve the design. I ink up the lino and use an antique book press, and an old wooden spoon to print my design onto beautiful paper. One of the things I love most about printing is that it makes beautiful original art affordable to most people, as I can print a small edition of each piece of work, effectively sharing the cost and making it community owned artwork.

As a final note, one thing I am very conscious of is my footprint as I start this business and I am currently trying out using only post-consumer packaging for my work and eco-friendly wrapping. I recycle my waste paper into new paper, and I only use companies with a good green reputation. Its a process but I am constantly evaluating my output to try and do better. 

Thank you for dropping in , and if you have any questions, please get in touch. I'm happy to help in anyway, oh and I love a commission, so if you like my work and have an idea, lets collaborate!


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