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Air Energy and the Goddesses of air and breath.

Air, one of the four elements of our world. Air is the element that surrounds us, and yet it is an invisible element, one only seen when it touches another. Air is a transformational energy, it moves all other elements and changes the world around us. We feel its power in the swaying of the trees, the licking of flames and the crashing of waves. Air is the very breath of life, the flow of energy, in and out. It feeds us and yet we don't spare it a thought unless we lose it.

So what it is to be guided by air and what does it mean if the element of air is part of your energy?

close up image was linocut air spirit print
Air Spirit by The Coventina Press

Air spirits are thinkers, communicators and doers. They are intelligent and often have the ability to breeze through life and often feel like a breath of fresh air to those around them. They are cheerful by nature and enthusiastic about things they love. Being surrounded by friends and family is important to them and they are sociable and look outwards. Air spirits are often called to teach or lean towards creative self expressive. They have powerful imaginations and often think of the bigger picture, they focus on the world around them , not just their own little corner. Air spirits are good at keeping the peace and resolving conflicts, but they will stand up for their beliefs and for the beliefs of others. On the flipside air spirits can end up feeling restless, scattered, they can become mentally over-stimulated and end up staying up all night falling down rabbit holes.

Below are a few air and breath goddesses from around the world, I've tried to cover the different aspects of air worship and the characteristics that are make up their energy.


Arianrhod by Judith Shaw

Celtic goddess Arianrhod, also known as the Silver Circle. She is a sky and star goddess who lives among the stars in the Corona Borealis, a constellation that surrounds the North Star. She sails across the sky to help the souls of those that have fallen in battle. She is also the goddess of the arts, magic and manifestation. She is associated with spinning and weaving as with her silver wheel she weaves the tapestry of life.


Cardea is a little known roman goddess, whose name means door hinge. Although as goddess of the door hinge, she sounds unimportant, she had the power to keep out evil spirits and such she was worshipped by the general population and looked at as the protector of children.

Iris by Guy Head


Greek goddess Iris is the personification of the rainbow. She served as a messenger of the Gods. She could communicate with both Gods and mortals and helped to bridge the gap between the too. Her beautiful air energy helped those around her communicate clearly and she was able to keep the peace and resolve conflicts by teaching empathy. She was also the handmaiden to Hera, who as the Queen of the heavens is also an air spirit.

Goddess Nuit by The Coventina Press


Goddess Nuit pronounced ‘newt’ is an Egyptian goddess of the sky and all heavenly bodies. It was believed that all celestial beings including the sun and the moon would make their way across her body during the day. She represents death and rebirth and the beautiful cycle of life. She looks over and protects your loved ones who have passed.

If you are interested in knowing more about Nuit, I have a blog post all about her here.

I will definitely be exploring air energy more in my journey. Their ability to see clearly, communicate wisely and also their social nature inspires me and although I am an Earth spirit, through and through, we could all do with harnessing that air from time to time. If you like this post and are interested in finding out more about the other elements or Goddess in this post head over to the Goddess directory.


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