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Water Energy and the Goddesses of water and waves

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Water, one of the four elements of our world. Water surrounds us, in the oceans, rivers and streams. It springs out the earth and cascades down waterfalls. It's the pouring rain. It flows freely with a graceful yet dynamic energy that can not be contained. Water has the ability to heal, purify and has a cleansing energy. Most civilizations were established next to water. It's importance is all encompassing, It is the giver of all life, but also has the power to destroy through floods, droughts and drowning.

In most cultures water is a feminine energy and is strongly linked to the moon. Water is connected to our emotions, empathy, fertility, and to our dreams. It is an intuitive energy that flows through us. There are many water goddesses, goddess of the oceans, of springs and wells. River goddesses and goddess who harness water energy to heal. So what is it to be guided by water and what does it mean if the element of water is part of your energy?

Water spirits are deep and soulful. They are compassionate , have mountains of empathy and are emotionally sensitive to energies around them. In work, they are often called to bring art, love, music and joy into the world or find themselves in a healing profession from their desire to heal the world. They have an unrivalled ability to heal those around them and are highly intuitive. Often intelligent, frank and quick-witted. Although they always think twice before they speak. There are two types of water. Flowing water and still water and as such, you will have water spirits who are active, restless and impatient. Whereas still water spirits are calm, silent and stay at home. On the flip side water personalities can struggle to make decisions, feel emotions too intensely and get lost in a tidal wave of feelings. They can be insecure and fear is an emotion that follows them everywhere. They may need extra time and space alone.

Below are a few water and wave goddesses from around the world. I've tried to cover the different aspects of water worship and the elements that make up their energy.


Painting of Cliodna on a beautiful wave
Cliodna art print by Sara Riches

Celtic goddess of the sea and the otherworld. Daughter of the sea god Manannan. She was a fairy queen of the otherworld who aspects are beauty, passion and love. She fell in ,I've with a mortal man and left the otherworld to be with him but her father enchanted her to fall asleep by the sea and she was carried away on the ninth wave. She is the waves that crash onto the shores of Ireland. Every ninth wave is sacred to her and is always the strongest. It is believed that if you cast a pearl in a double shell into the ninth wave she will grant a wish for you. She has three birds who eat fruit from the otherworld and whose songs can heal the sick.


Coventina is a

British/Germanic Goddess of natural springs and wells. Her aspects are abundance, healing, renewal and inspiration. Not much is known of Coventina, but she is a goddess close to my heart and I have a blog post dedicated to her here.


Greek Titan Tethys was born to Uranus and Gaea, the personifications of heaven and earth. Tethys is the personification of fresh water. She appears in classic literature and as a figure in Roman art, especially in the baths. She is portrayed as a nurturing goddess unlike most titans. Tethys was also the wife of Oceanus, the personification of salt-water and together they made over 6000 water spirits and nymphs, all of the oceanids and river spirits.

Tethys mosaic

I will definitely be exploring water energy more in my journey, that beautiful deep emotional energy is very powerful. And although I am an Earth spirit, through and through, we could all do with harnessing that water from time to time. If you like this post and are interested in finding out more about the other elements or Goddess in this post head over to the Goddess directory.


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