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An Original Linocut Print of Pele. Made in the reduction method and in a A4 mount. 

Handprinted by myself at my home studio in the Northeast of England, so everyone is slightly different and unique.

   Pele, wild fiery daughter of Haumea,  Mother of the Earth and Wakea, Father of the Sky. Pele is a most beloved Hawaiian deity. The legends of her are vast, her passion, impatience and violent temper go unequalled. 
   Goddess of fire and volcanoes.  Known also as Pelehonuamea, which translates as she who shapes the sacred land. Still honoured to this day on the islands of Hawaii. 

The process of a linocut print is quite lengthy. I digitally design most of my prints, these are then printed and transferred to a block for carving. Once carved the block is inked and printed to produce the final piece. In a reduction method, the block is carved and inked numerous times to achieve the different colours. This means that this limited edition of prints can never be made again. This edition of Coventina is of only 8 prints. Each print is numbered  and signed for authenticity and comes with a descriptive note about the mythology of the design.

This linocut print is handprinted in beautiful thick somerset velvet paper 300gsm, with Schminke water based ink.

This print is mounted in a A4 archival grade black mount.

Pele Reduction method linocut print

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