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n Original Linocut Print 'Water spirit' by The Coventina Press

Hand printed by myself at my home studio in the Northeast of England, so everyone is slightly different and unique.

Water spirits are deep and soulful. They are compassionate , have mountains of empathy and are emotionally sensitive to energies around them. In work, they are often called to bring art, love, music and joy into the world or find themselves in a healing profession from their desire to heal the world. They have an unrivalled ability to heal those around them and are highly intuitive.  Often intelligent, frank and quick-witted. Although they always think twice before they speak. There are two types of water. Flowing water and still water and as such, you will have water spirits who are active, restless and impatient. Whereas still water spirits are calm, silent and stay at home. On the flip side water personalities can struggle to make decisions, feel emotions too intensely and get lost in a tidal wave of feelings. They can be insecure and fear is an emotion that follows them everywhere. They may need extra time and space alone. 

The zodiac water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

The process of a lino print is quite lengthy. I digitally design most of my prints, these are then printed and transferred to a block for carving. With the Jigsaw method, once the block is carved I then cut it up and ink the separate pieces in different colours to produce the final piece. This edition of Fire Spirit is 20 prints. Each print is numbered  and signed for authenticity and comes with a descriptive note about the mythology of the design.
This artwork is hand printed in beautiful Nepalese mitsumata 60gsm paper which is a beautiful natural tone. It is printed in caligo safewash oil based ink. 

This artwork is A4 size and the paper size allows for the print to be mounted and framed as you desire. The print will arrive unframed, however I do frame prints on request, please message me with your requirements.

Your print will be carefully wrapped to ensure safe delivery. I am making the move to using post-consumer packaging to be more eco-friendly so it will practical and secure but perhaps not as pretty as before. 

All UK orders are being posted by the Royal Mail, for orders over £10 this will be by 48hr tracked delivery unless Express delivery options are added. For orders under £10 I use 2nd class post. International Delivery is via Royal Mail International Standard Delivery.

Water Spirit, Goddess of Water signs Original Linocut Print A4

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