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Earth Energy and the Goddesses of earth and wood

Earth, one of the four elements of our world. The very foundation of all things, the matter of the universe. If you touch the ground you walk on, you can feel its stability, its unmoving strength. You can see its fertility, as life spring from it, and eventually all life is interred within it. So what is it to be guided my earth and what does it mean if the element of earth is part of your energy?

Green and black linocut print of a earth goddess
Earth Spirit The Coventina Press

Earth spirit energy is stable, reliable and determined. They find peace out in nature, but also at home and at the hearth. They often have a calling to heal and care for others especially through nature, They have the ability to hold space for others and can take on responsibilities. They want to make the world around them a better place. Earth spirits are steady people, rock solid, and are private with their emotions and keep what they feel to themselves. They would only share their inner selves if it was necessary. Imagine how slowly the earth changes and turns and you can picture an earth spirit slowly, methodical going through life. The flipside of earth energy can be so steadfast it becomes stubborn, adamant and they can find it difficult to compromise especially regarding their principles. At work they can be perfectionists, and can be critical of themselves and of others. They also can become stuck if a change is needed.

Below are a few earth and wood goddesses from around the world, I've tried to cover the different aspects of earth worship and the characteristics that are make up their energy.


Demeter linocut art print
Demeter linocut The Coventina Press

Greek Goddess Demeter is best known in relation to her daughter Persephone. She is the goddess of the harvest and agriculture. After Persephone, who is also an Earth spirit, was kidnapped, she became goddess of the seasons as in her joy the world blooms and in her sadness the world around her hibernates. She has a deep connection to the world of nature around her but she is was also very determined to get her daughter back and refused to keep caring for the world without her. Steadfast in her principles she did eventually get her back, for half the year at least.


black and gold linocut of pachamama
Pachamama The Coventina Press

Earth mother, the eternal ever fruitful source of all life on our planet. Ever present in ancient religions around the world she has many names. Gaia, Pachamama, Terra Mater, Prithvi. A symbol of life and fertility. She teaches the importance of harmony and respect for the Earth and its gifts. Pachamama, translates Earth Mother. She is a fertility goddess revered by Incan people and is still an important feature of religion in Peru today. She protects the inhabitants of her land and nourishes them if balance can be maintained. She teaches the importance of harmony and respect for the Earth and its gifts and the belief that if we take too much, the Earth will fight back with natural disasters and famine. Gifts are regularly offered to her in a ritual named ‘pago a la tierra’ - payment to the earth.

black and gold sleeping pregnant mother earth
Mother Earth The Coventina Press


green and black linocut of Artemis
Artemis linocut The Coventina Press

Artemis is an ancient Greek Goddess, Goddess of Wilderness- Artemis felt most at home in the wild,

roaming the mountains and forests and being at peace with the animals that lived there. She never tried to harness or use nature for any purpose. She protected the wild and the animals from the outside world.

Her and her companions would bath in the rivers and rest in peace from the hostility of the world around them. If you would like to know more about Artemis, I have a blog post dedicated to her here.


painting of spider grandmother
Susan Seddon Boulet Spider Grandmother

Spider Grandmother is the Earth mother in

many native american cultures. with Tawa the sun god they created the Earth and everything in it. She created woman and man and gave them their cultures and traditions to follow. She is known as an wise old woman, a healer, a leader who gives advice and who helps people on their path.

Exploring the elements through personality and goddess has been so interesting to me. I am an Earth spirit through and through but having the ability to harness other elemental energy from time to time can only be a good thing. If you like this post and are interested in finding out more about the other elements or about the goddesses in this post head over to the Goddess directory.


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