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An Original Linocut Print of Morgana, ancient priestess of the Arthurian mythology

Handprinted by myself at my home studio in the Northeast of England, so everyone is slightly different and unique.

The process of a linocut print is quite lengthy. I digitally design most of my prints, these are then printed and transfered to a block for carving. Once carved the block is inked and printed to produce the final piece. Each edition is different but limited. This edition will be of 20 prints. Each print is titled and signed for authenticity and comes with a descriptive note about the mythology of the design.

Morgana Le Fay is an enchantress, fairy-queen and high priestess of Avalon from the Arthurian Legends. In the earliest myths, she was a benevolent goddess and wise healer who helped Arthur in his quests. In mediaeval times Morgan became the antagonist of the story, often depicted as Arthur’s half sister who tempted him and did everything in her power to push him off his path. In these versions she was a sorceress, a witch, a seductress. Whichever Morgan you see, she will always be powerful, beautiful and extremely magical.

Morgana La Fey, Original Linocut Print

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