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Updated: Feb 27

She who washes away the pain

Dearest Achelois,

Not much is known of Goddess Achelois, there are no stories left behind for us to read, as Greek mythology is so ancient and also can often overlap and be contradictive. We do know that she was associated with the Dodonian Oracle, one of the oldest hellenistic oracles. When people were in pain or need assistance in an illness, it was Achelois who they sacrificed to. Her name became synonymous with the washing away of pain and healing.

Many sources I found mention Achelois as a Moon goddess and although I can't find the link to this yet...this makes sense to me as the moon, waters and tides often represent healing and the washing away of any hurt. When I think of Achelois, I imagine the moon and the seas, the tide creeping up the shore and cleaning away of the debris. In ancient greek, she was looked at as a source of comfort to those in pain.

The Greek Poet Tzetzes believed Achelois to be one of The Muses, goddesses who inspired human to create. It is also suggested she could be the daughter of Epione, goddess of the soothing of pain. In another connection, she is a Siren, or perhaps all the sirens, daughter of Achelous, the River God.

As with many of the minor goddesses, we have no clear picture now of who she was, and what she represented to the people of the world she knew. Regardless of this, if you want to connect with Achelois, if you want to feel her healing power, the comfort of her embrace and ask her to wash away your pain. Close your eyes. Imagine her power and if you are lucky, she will come to you.

The Muse Greek Mythology

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